Sean Cabot

Special Correspondent

This past summer, Patrick Kelley was announced as the new assistant principal of Holliston High School (HHS), hired for his experience as a teacher and his observation skills.

As noted on the HHS website, Mr. Kelley was a former history teacher at Sharon High School, has been specifically assigned to converse with sophomores and seniors, and his coworkers have confidence that he will make a fine addition to the school faculty.

According to Kelley, “Holliston High School was a school that fit within my comfort zone in terms of the student body, the type of community, the size of the school, the focus on academic achievement, the spirit and pride of the student body. Holliston High School possessed a lot of the qualities I was looking for when I was involved in my job search.”

Currently, Mr. Kelley wishes to wait until he knows the faculty and student body before moving forward with any potential projects.

“As an assistant principal I think that it’s important to remember that all of the other initiatives that you’re working on and everything else that you’re doing at its root should go back to what’s best for teaching and learning in the building.” said Mr. Kelley, expressing his opinions on the faculty’s goal.

He said the biggest adjustment he will be making in his transition is “not being in the classroom”, but the biggest takeaway from it is that it helps him to understand the faculty’s goal.

Fellow vice Principal Anne Connoni expressed great hope for Mr. Kelley, highlighting his sociability and dedication to his field.

Principal Nicole Bottomley seconded this position, saying that he has done, “An excellent job,” and that he has already “far exceeded [her] expectations, which were already very high.”

“What Mr. Kelley brings to the table is his enthusiasm, his innate desire or ability to develop relationships, and he’s really excited to be here,” said Ms. Connoni.

She also said that his previous position gives him a few more “tools in his toolbox” to work with in his position, and that she is confident in his abilities as an administrator.

Ms. Connoni and Mr. Kelley both acknowledge that his position will have some difficulties. Mr. Kelley stated that his biggest personal challenge, as well as the hardest adjustment from being a teacher, is that he is not in the classroom as much.

However, Mr. Kelley is satisfied seeing the interaction between teachers and students, as well as getting to talk with them. He expressed optimism about the school’s positivity, and a large interest in helping the student body.

Ms. Bottomley said that Mr. Kelley “very much puts students first, he remembers that it’s about the students and their experience.” And [she] think[s] because of that he’s well suited for the role, and he’s well suited for working with Holliston High School students.


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