Katie Lamkin

Special Correspondent


As senior year approaches for current juniors at Holliston High School (HHS), the controversy over the location for the senior prom builds with options including Gillette Stadium, the Hyatt, the State Room, and a cruise. The venue, often considered the most important part, has created arguments.

“In the end, class officers choose the options and the class takes a vote,” junior class officer Kate Healy shares.

The cruise boat and Gillette Stadium are the most controversial options. “I have a history of carsickness and am afraid I might get seasick too,” said Kristina Silvestro, HHS junior.

“The boat is so big you literally won’t feel anything,” HHS junior Sarah Morana said, “and my teacher went on the exact same cruise and said it’s impossible to get seasick.”

When asked if possible to get seasick on such a large boat, Maggie Fonseca, employee of Spirit Cruises, said “yes, however, the size and speed make it difficult to feel any turbulence at all.” Fonseca said the captains are in constant communication with the Coast Guard, and are able to make calls accordingly, although the cruises are rain or shine.

The cruise is also put down by students worried about the smell of fish and sea, who do not realize that smell on cruises such as these is not an issue.

“They are renovated every year, and there are a ton of events, so everything is really kept up to sanitation,” Fonseca said.

Some students dislike Gillette, believing it will not be fancy enough, as it is a football stadium.

“People have wedding parties, proms, semis, games, and concerts,” HHS junior Emily Nash said, “and people do like the venue, I’ve actually heard people say it,” she added.

Yet HHS juniors still worry about not enjoying it. “Gillette seems boring and not fancy,” said HHS junior Amber Babineau. Although many have only been to the stadium part, this is a common worry from students.

Nash counters this by adding “they change the whole floor and put medal pads on the field to cover up the grass and they keep the lights but they change the setups like they add stands and speakers all over the field.”

“In the end, it’s up to the class, however the people feel, whatever is most popular is what we will go with,” Healy said.


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