Carly Ristaino

Special Correspondent

The Theatre 370 crew is once again starting to assess its numbers and capability of pulling off a successful production as they embark on this year’s fall musical.

The musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” is a large production that will require many tech hands to run smoothly. Because of this, the number of crew members that the department has and the ideal number of crew members differ from each other.

“For the fall musical specifically, I believe 15,” said drama director Mr. Brian Hickey when asked how many crew members he currently has. He said that, ideally, he would like to have 20-25 students involved in crew. Mr. Hickey said that the 15 students he has now would be adequate for this show.

Theatre 370’s sound technician and high school senior Monica Valli concurred, saying that 15 students is a standard base number for crew. However, there is always some worry among crew members about whether or not they have enough people to ensure everything will run smoothly backstage.

“It’s kind of small,” said junior crew member Cat Berg, referring to the size of the crew. “I’m pretty sure ‘Little Shop’ is a pretty big production, so I’m not sure how we’re going to manage.”

Much of this concern seems to come from the fact that the crew members looked to last year’s seniors as leaders, and those people are now gone.

“We had a really good group that were seniors,” said Valli. “When they graduated, we didn’t have many people left.”

Berg agrees with this statement, citing Allie Berkhart, a member of the class of 2014, as an essential crew member for the fall musical.

“She would tell us where to go and communicate…she was very good at it, too. She was very level headed. I don’t know who’s going to replace her. It’s kind of a big loss,” said Berg.

However, Mr. Hickey is confident in his crew and their ability to pull off this production.

“I always look into everything when choosing shows,” said Mr. Hickey, meaning that he is aware of technical needs when he selects a musical, and that he would never want a show to look bad because of poor technical elements. He said, “I tend to either really, truly do the show…or not do it at all.”

Mr. Hickey is confident that this show will not be too much for the crew to handle. There are many elements to this show he said, including turning set pieces, a sign flying in and out, follow spots, curtain, sound, lighting, and a puppet. This provides a large number of tasks for the crew, but Mr. Hickey remains calm.

“I think the students freak out because they’re like, ‘We lost so many seniors last year.’ Well remember…we got [those seniors] there together,” said Mr. Hickey. He added that the seniors who end up taking charge often start as lower members of the crew and, through the years, they become the leaders.

Valli is an example of this, as she said that when she started crew as a sophomore, her job was to help push the set. As a junior and now a senior, she became a crucial part of the crew by taking control of the sound cues and operation of the sound board.

Between people such as Valli who step up as they get older, and the additional recruits that Mr. Hickey said express interest during the first couple months of the year, it appears that the Theatre 370 crew will be successful in putting on “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Valli said that if there are any students who wish to get involved in hair, makeup, construction, audio, or any of the aspects of crew, they should contact Mr. Hickey, Ally Rosati, Emily Quinan, or herself for more information.


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