Olivia Tornifoglio

Special Correspondent

Celebrate Holliston, an annual event in Holliston, which took place on September 20th at Goodwill Park, is meant to bring the community together.

Chris Leoncini, the owner of Holliston Superette and one of the people who run the event, said that it gives people the opportunity to come together and become a closer community. He also added that with all the exposure of businesses, the event gives the people of Holliston a better education of the town through its various booths.

“It’s like our end of summer backyard barbecue,” said Leoncini.

Along with all the fundraisers, people have the opportunity to give and support others. For example, each class at Holliston High School has their own booth to try and raise money for their class. Other organizations are also able to raise money, such as the Timothy O’Connell Foundation, a popular fundraiser for leukemia.

The money raised at these booths help to support the town due to all the people who contribute to the event. People can request a grant of money online and use it to help an organization in town or to help improve the look of Holliston. Previous grants have given to the Holliston Railtrail, the Pinecrest Golf Club sign, and the electricity at Goodwill Park.

“I feel like I am a part of the town,” said the guitar player of the local band Hillbilly Pop, Glenn Daly, who performed at Celebrate Holliston for the first time. He believes that music and the arts is important to a community.  He said it was a privilege to share his band with the community and that it was a great experience.

As noted on the Celebrate Holliston website, a parade gives a start to the day at 9 in the morning at Sam Placentino School. Anyone is allowed to participate in the parade.

Craig Denman, a lieutenant at the Holliston Police Department, said that police patrol throughout the whole day to make sure everything runs smoothly. During the parade, they are usually located at every intersection, the front of the parade, and scattered along the route.

Over the years, the committee of Celebrate Holliston has been facing obstacles such as committing to volunteer. Leoncini thinks that because of all the technology, people can volunteer for a booth closer to the date of the event rather than signing up earlier. It can be a challenge to organize who is planning to set up a booth and then having people cancel last minute.

This year, Leoncini thought everything went well as there weren’t any major issues. Denman said that this year’s Celebrate Holliston was a “well run event”.


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