Edward Bennie

Staff Writer

Political tension in northern Europe hit a high note last week. More specifically within the United Kingdom of Great Britain because of a simple question the population of Scotland is being asked. The residence of Scotland voted on Thursday the 18th of September as to whether they think Scotland should be independent.

The Scottish government stated that if the majority of the population voted yes, that they would remove themselves from the United Kingdom but still retain Queen Elizabeth II as their constitutional monarch and head of state. Even more interesting is that according to the Central News Network; the Scottish Parliament opened the vote to those who are 16 years old as opposed to the 18+, which it is typically with national voting.

Throughout the past few months, many campaigns for both sides of the vote have been running wild throughout Scotland. The vote for independence was open to anyone living in Scotland but not to Scots who lived elsewhere in the Kingdom.

The BBC stated that Prime Minister David Cameron of England encouraged the citizens of Scotland to vote no and stay unified, and promised to make fair changes for Scotland and the rest of the counties in the United Kingdom. Cameron is quoted to have said  “We hear you,” to those who voted for independence, adding this was an excellent opportunity to change the way people in the United Kingdom are governed, and “change it for the better.”

Voting began Thursday morning, and ended around six o’clock in the evening. The results of the vote were announced Friday morning. The Scottish government released the final results being fifty five percent of the population voting No, and forty five percent voting Yes. The government issued a statement saying “The amount of votes needed for the act to pass was 1,852,828… the vote for Yes only received 1,617,989.”

Its own people shot down the idea of Scotland’s independence, and many speculate another vote will occur within the next two decades. As to whether the result will be the same, no one truly knows. For now however, the United Kingdom stays united, and the British superpower remains whole.


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