Deborah Larosiliere

Staff Writer


Max Chisholm gr.  12                   Genevieve Kent gr.10           Kaitlin Neville gr. 10




People see art in different ways. For Ruth Scotch, student teacher in the Visual Arts program this year, creating a painting is like detective work. It is trying to get the truth of the matter while stumbling upon clues that will help solve the case.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” said an American Catholic writer Thomas Merton.

Every year, during spring, there is a student art exhibition called Art Saves Lives. According to Mr. Lack, art teacher at HHS, it is titled so because, in some ways, art can heal people.

All students from Holliston Public Schools can participate. People are welcomed to peruse the displayed artworks, listen to the various musical rhythms, and indulge in culinary offerings.

Sometimes, Art Saves Lives can also be a fundraiser. According to Mr. Lack,  this years’ Art Saves Lives Exhibition will take place on May 15th and is dedicated to Emilee Gagnon, a former student who’ s life was tragically cut short earlier this year while she was riding her bike across the country in order to raise money for support and research of Multiple Sclerosis. Only 21, and a recent graduate of Westfield State, instead of  riding for a nonprofit that  supports cancer research, she chose to ride to raise money for multiple sclerosis, the disease that afflicts her grandfather. Mr Lack also said “We wish to carry on her mission and metaphorically finish her ride.”

People can support this endeavor by purchasing a handmade pin or magnet made by our students and faculty. Sales of these items will be located near the T-Shirt sales table. All proceeds of these pins and magnets will be donated to support the Multiple Sclerosis charity in Emilee’s name.

According to Edgar Degas, a French artist, “art is not what you see but what you make others see.”


Artists should participate because it’s their day to celebrate the artworks they have done throughout the year and also because it’s an opportunity for them to show their talent to other people.

There will be music played by students and T-shirts designed by seniors and food will be sold. The pictures above are some of the artworks  that will be in the exhibition.

 Sophomore Alex White said “ I absolutely love the idea of it.” She went on to say that she thinks it’s great that holliston high school is allowing the kids to make art and put it in a show for the public. “Best of all it’s for a GREAT cause.” Art Saves Lives is a great way to relax and be  entertained at the same time.

The students put a lot of effort into the whole exhibition, and are looking forward to  people coming out to support their efforts.

“The thing I like most about it is actually going around and seeing everybody’s art, it’s fascinating and beautiful and very inspirational,” said White.



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