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April is a month where people transition. The new term starts, the weather warms up (hopefully) and spring break make the month seem a lot shorter than it truly is. Overall April is an action packed month with many opportunities for success for all types of people.


Some things to watch for this month are the eclipses. There’s a total moon eclipse on April 15, and a ring shaped sun eclipse on April 29. Keep your eyes open to the sky and enjoy the beauty.


Take risks this month and approach situations with a calm courage, and you’ll succeed!


There are 12 signs and each of them should approach April in different ways.


Aries (March 21- April 20)- The planet mars is in Aries’ house of union, which means that your couple life will be passionate and more alive. But mars can also bring anxiousness and aggressiveness, so try to avoid spontaneous impulses.You’re on a minefield, so try not to set anything off. Control your anger and reactions in your relationships. The past might try and creep up on you, so watch out.  In your career and your financial part of life try to avoid competition and rivalry, but negotiate and use your systematic strength to succeed. Overall, maximum caution and think things through this month!


Taurus (April 21- May 20)-  Unfortunately, your love and relationships have seen better days this month, something may be distant or your partner may have to cope with something that affects you. Your planet Venus is in a privileged position and even though there are problems, you’ll be able to fix them fast. You may be feeling stressed in your career, and it seems as though no one will appreciate you. Things may be tense, angry, and nervous around you, but people will appreciate you at the end of the day and you’ll be successful. You should pay close attention to group activities (clubs, parties, projects). Dont hesitate to ask for support, and take extra care of your body this month.  


Gemini (May 21- June 20)- Your love and relationships will be crazy this month. If you want passion and adventure, it’s here. Get crazy with your partner but be responsible because there might be unpleasant consequences. Your career will give you great accomplishments and you’ll have high visibility. Money will come to you! The first half of the month will be great for your health, but the last half might be detrimental. Monitor your health carefully. If you’re pregnant especially watch out because there might be risks of premature birth or abortion.


Cancer (June 21- July 22)- April will be a sensual and harmonious month for your love and relationships. It will most definitely be sentimental and sprinkled with happiness. You may take a trip together, have a special event take place, or receive some good news from far away. Your financial transacted should be carefully looked at, and your professional life may retrograde. In your career you can alleviate your prestige and status. April could be pretty rocky for you, which may affect your love for inner peace and comfort. Try not to escape stress by overeating or drinking, and let off steam by physically energetic and sustained energy. Don’t make too many quick decisions regarding property and family this month.


Leo(July 23-August 22)- Your love and relationships this month may be weak and vulnerable. You’ll worry a lot and be fearful. You might even become a bit jealous. Use your intuition and analysis to decipher your partners psychology to make them comfortable and offer them what they want/need. Spend evenings together at home rather than loud parties. Your career and money will advance and your talents in leadership will be highlighted. Unlike last month, you’ll have more energy and your anxiety might be a lot less. Protect yourself against stress and speak only what you’re supposed to and try not to come off as too aggressive!


Virgo(August 23- September 22)- This month you’ll be more communicative and social in your love and relationships. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find love and the right person. Affection and harmony will prevail, Virgo. Your work will go well, especially if it’s with partners. Try to make as many connections as possible. Take precaution as well, because things have a tendency to retrograde around you.  Your love and social skills will burst this month, but some burden might be worrying you. Talk about your problems with your friends. There might be surprises this month!


Libra(September 23-October 22) –  Your emotions will be tense this month. Your love and relationships could turn around and cause incidents. Don’t be impulsive. Before doing anything, weigh the possible consequences of your acts and the way you present yourself. Work with your partner towards a shared goal and don’t get all pissy about useless matters. This month may be tiring, but it’s great to show your talents and explore them. Practice what you love and show it to the world. Be especially organized. However, you may feel extra stressed this month and things may be extremely busy. No matter what happens, don’t disregard your health! Focus on important things this month ,Libra. and spare your strength for yourself. Others can help themselves, do what you think is best for your innermost harmony and always remember to smile and take a deep breath.


Scorpio (October 23- November 22)- April will be the peak of the year in your love life. You’ll want love and flirt and tons of adventure this month. Your relationship will go up a level (or 3) and you’ll have butterflies in your stomach. Love can show up anytime and you’ll have lots of fun and pleasure this month. You’ll have many responsibilities this month, but they will all be satisfied. Stay original and enthusiastic. Dont waste your money and keep your back guarded! Your health is your priority this month and don’t push yourself. Stay away from drugs and alcohol and try to get rid of a bad habit.


Sagittarius(November 23- December 21)- Your heart is full of romantic enthusiasm this month.and your passionate tendencies will grow. You may embark on extreme adventures that may be troublesome, but thats okay! Follow your instincts and take minimum precaution. Live in the present! Avoid conflicts and be ready for a huge surprise. Your career will be creative, radical, and innovative. Your independent side will shine through. Rebellious and dominant tendencies could screw up group projects and could affect your image, so don’t push it. Your overall health will be normal, but something may happen towards the end of the month and the solar eclipse draws near. Don’t mix things up too much this month and explore yourself and your relationships this month.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)- You and your partner/ and or friends will really connect this month. Communication will flourish this month and it’s important that you take some time to go on walks with people, take a day trip, and go out. You’ll meet someone new this month, and they’ll play a strong role in your life and mean something to you. You may even meet several people, so put yourself out there and socialize. In your career, it’s important that you try your best to cooperate. You have a desire to stand out, so use your communication skills and talk about your experiences with others. Your social life will enhance your ability to meet people who will inspire you this month. You’ll experience some trouble at home or with your parents, but try and relax. Keeping your mind clear is essential to not letting things bother you. Overall, meet new people, go for lots of walks, and learn more about society this month.


Aquarius (January 20- February 19)- Take special care in your relationships at the beginning of the month. However after April 5th, Venus will leave you and a conflict may arrive. Beware during the second and third week, but the last week will be calmer, and more intimate. There may be something unexpected happening in your home and family on April 29, so be careful, Aquarius. Your professional career will advance tremendously and you will succeed greatly! You’ve been trying very hard lately, and you will be satisfied with the results. That doesn’t mean you should slack off now, keep your vigilance high. Be extra cautious when you’re moving around this month, accidents could happen.Try not to be so irritable and relax for once, you overdo things way too much.


Pisces (February 20- March 20)- Damn Pisces! On April 5th Venus will arrive in Pisces, and you will have a wonderful day full of love. Your mood will be fantastic and and charm, elegance, and sensuality will make everyone fall to their knees. Your love and relationships will be blooming and happiness will be all around you. You’ll have a ton of fun and moments with your partner and if you’re single, you’re going to meet someone. Put yourself out there and there will be several offers for a relationship. Your career will be solid and durable and overall, great. You’ll succeed and earn a lot this month. You can have surprises, so try not to waste anything. April is a beautiful month for you and your health will be excellent. The stars are in your favor this month dude. You’re going to be way too happy and enjoy this month because you’re going to have a great one! Also, cook a lot!

information obtained from:http://www.eastrolog.com/monthly-horoscopes/



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