Justine Zaki

Staff writer

I like to think that the five human senses can all be related back to love. Hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

Whether it be loving the sound of your favorite music, tasting and smelling your favorite dessert, seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while, or feeling one of those soft blankets at a department store. All of those feelings are love, and they can be directed to an object, something intangible, or a person.

This Valentine’s day is a day where people spend time with someone or something they love. For me, I’m going to spend Valentine’s day with my good friends because I don’t love anything more than the bond I share with them. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s that way for many people.

I asked many students and some adults what their opinions and plans were on Valentine’s day and here’s what some some of them told me:

“My opinion is that it’s not a hallmark holiday and that it’s actually a pretty nice holiday because it incites people to take action in their love life and also to actually remember significant others. But it’s also a generally good holiday in that it’s pretty lighthearted and loaded with sweets and [stuff] even if you’re a lonely weenie” said junior Joey Pagano.

Joey take’s a very positive approach to this holiday as well as many other people that I asked.

Junior, Madeline Lessing said, “I always love holidays that make you appreciate people. I sympathize to a degree to the ‘I’m so single and sad’ whining but only a tad. I mean there’s so many people that love those people and there’s so many people around them that need to be loved. So instead of finding another reason to be cynical, I think people should use it to be appreciative of all the love in their life. Also, chocolate is lovely.”

Sophomore Ryan Cahill shared his plans for the big day. “My plan is probably to have a couple friends over, watch a romantic movie, and be single together. And I think Valentine’s Day is pretty nice, although it probably puts a bit of pressure on people who actually have to do something for a S.O. like buy presents or chocolate or whatever.”

“I think that valentines day can be a nice Holiday but I think it’s just an easy way for companies to put words in people’s mouths that they don’t mean at all,” said junior Paula Rivera. “People often think that Valentine’s day is a day of love, but like others have said in the comments, that should be everyday because if people are not sincere with what they say to their significant other every day then what makes valentines day any different?”

Always the romantic, sophomore Kaileigh Stopa said, “I honestly love Valentine’s day, because to me it’s just a day to show the people you love that you love them. it doesn’t have to be a significant other. I love doing nice things for my friends and family on Valentine’s day. and if you have a significant other, then that’s great! One day all of us will get to spend it with a boyfriend or girlfriend too.”

Others are a little more cynical about the focus of the day.

Sophomore Rosellen Earl believes “Valentines day is just a conspiracy for stores to sell stuff to make money to show that if you don’t buy someone something you don’t love them.”

As you can see there are varied opinions about Valentine’s Day, but overall they’re pretty positive. So whether or not you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, spend the day around people you love. As many said, you should appreciate your loved ones everyday, but there’s no reason there shouldn’t be a holiday for it. Like Madeline said, don’t be cynical about it! Bring them candy, tell them how much they mean to you, and if you don’t have anyone special, do something nice for yourself; because after all, love begins from the inside out. Have a lovely Valentines Day, and don’t forget the bonus of all the discounted candy the day after!


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