Brody Torres

Staff Writer


Basic Vacation’s self-titled debut EP is  upbeat and easy to listen to. It carries the same feel as many current Alternative/Pop musicians like Imagine Dragons and Bastille.

Their single “I Believe” is the most upbeat of the 5 songs released. It has a solid beat and chorus, surely to attract fans of the genre.

“Jamie” is another song off the EP and my personal favorite. It has more of an Alternative-Rock sound that’s complimented well by lead singer Chris Greattis’ vocals. Other songs “It’s All Happening,” “You’re In My Head,” and “Worlds Collide” stand out less and clearly aren’t meant to be the backbones of the album.

However this doesn’t take much away from the fact that Basic Vacation surely has a long career ahead of them in the music industry. This is the type of sound that consumers are getting into right now and they’re a fine choice.

I give this EP 3 out of 5 stars for an overall good debut, backed with some good vocals, but not without flaw.


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