Tim Davidson

Vision Staff Writer

As the Panther basketball team was warming up Friday January, 10, it wasn’t difficult to realize that our team was outsized by Dover Sherborn. But that didn’t stop Holliston from playing a great game, as well as coming out on top for their first win of the season.

Fast paced and exciting from beginning to end, the starting five players Freshman Tyler Aronson, Seniors Troy Waddell, Ryan Snow, Matt Jeye, and Liam Vanesian kept the ball moving.

The game started off with Dover Sherborn getting the first 5 points, as well as Aronson having an incredible layup to get the fans all fired up, and to start their team off. You could say it was difficult to tell where the ball was and who had it sometimes, because the passes and shots and running were so snappy.

The game continued without much progress made. It took both teams about the whole first quarter to find their footing before the real action started happening. At the very end of the first quarter, Holliston Senior Stephen Mahoney scored a buzzer shot. By the second quarter, things were picking up. Holliston trailed closely behind Dover Sherborn’s initial lead. However, after hard battling and lots of crazy rebounds, Holliston took the lead with 5:03 left in the second quarter.

The crowd stayed very hopeful that we could hang onto the slight lead for the rest of the game. After halftime, Holliston began to pull away. With just 6 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Aronson stole the ball, made a huge layup, (while getting fouled at the same time,) and even made the free throw. The red sea was ecstatic, and began roaring and cheering towards the silent DS fans.

As the fourth and final quarter began, Troy Waddell was on fire, just like Aronson. Holliston remained ahead by 5 with roughly 3:30 to go. DS got 2pts and fouled, which contented the DS fans, but then Waddell came back with 2 points at the free throw line. The score narrowed down to just 45-43 with 2 minutes to go. Waddell went to the line again and made both shots.

After Dover Sherborn made a 3, a timeout was called with 1 minute to go. Mahoney went to the line at 14 seconds, and made both shots. With just 5.9 seconds left in the game, Vanesian made a great steal and made a layup. The Holliston victory was secured.
The close game ended up being an exciting victory for Holliston.


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