Tim Davidson

Staff Writer

Now that a few weeks have gone by, we can really sit back and analyze the 2013 World Series of Baseball. Our very own Boston Red Sox pulled through in Game 6 of the MLB World Series. They faced the St. Louis Cardinals after facing the Tampa Bay Rays and the Detroit Tigers. Fans from all over New England tuned in more and more as the World Series drew to a close.

The Red Sox were the most tenacious team out there this year. They couldn’t have done it without their new manager, John Farrell, who used to be their pitching coach. The team liked him and he came back from the Toronto Blue Jays, where he was unsuccessful, and apparently that was a good move for the Red Sox.

The World Series win was our third win in the past ten years, and our eighth win overall. This past win was the first time the Red Sox have won a World Series title at Fenway Park since the win of 1918. The Red Sox winning the World Series three times in 10 years is no coincidence. They have been the most determined team in the MLB lately.

In 2004, the Red Sox finally won a World Series after 86 years, which was a huge deal, but people have been saying that our latest win was just as big, because it really sealed the deal when we won at home.

David Ortiz or Big Papi, as he is known, really carried the team mentally because when our hopes were beginning to fade, he would rally the troops together and have a pep talk. They all look up to him because he has won all three World Series titles these past 10 years. He always succeeded in firing up the whole team and that was their best key to success.  

His ability to rally the team wasn’t his only asset, Papi was intentionally walked often because after a bunch of home runs and runs batted in scored by Papi, they knew it was a safer bet to just risk him running. He made it to base 19 times out of 25 at bats, and he averaged a .688 for his hits per at bats. He hit two home runs and had six runs batted in, to be exact. Big Papi went on to win the World Series Most Valuable Player Award.

In the later stages of this World Series, everybody on the team made some sort of contribution, most notably Stephen Drew who finally came out of his slump and hit a beautiful solo home run into centerfield. Other highlights included Shane Victorino clearing the bases with a triple off the Green Monster, and Koji Uehara finishing off the last batter.

The Red Sox may not have had the extraordinary level of talent on their team that they had in 2004 or 2007, but they had something they didn’t have before–chemistry.  They worked so well together and knew how to play the game of baseball and stay focused and get the job done

But the thing that I am most glad about is the fact that we won this thing for Boston, like Ortiz said. Just like how New Orleans really deserved the Super Bowl title a few years after Hurricane Katrina because they were devastated, Boston really needed this moral booster after so many people in Boston were demoralized after the terrible Boston Marathon Bombings.

Ortiz and Gomes fired up the crowd who was just so overjoyed at the win by telling them that they “won this for Boston,” “Boston Strong.” During the “Rolling Rally” aboard the famous Boston Duck Boats, they brought their new trophy to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and placed it there.

The Marathon Finish Line was also a big place where hopeful Boston fans went to watch the game because that place has become a really important location in Boston. All I want to say is to the Red Sox is, “Congratulations, team! You worked really hard at this and you deserve it!” I think most people would agree with me.



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