Grace Pecci

Staff Writer

When you walked through the English hallway during term one, you may have noticed a new face among the teaching staff. Ms. Fuoco took over Mrs. Murphy’s English classes for the first term of the 2013-2014 school year. Some may think that one term is not enough time to really grow comfortable in a new classroom, but surprisingly, Ms. Fuoco had no problem assimilating.

“The transition was smooth because coaching [field hockey] in the summer helped me get to know the school and the kids,” Ms. Fuoco said. She kicked off the school year comfortably and taught grade eleven English and Honors Twentieth Century American Novels.

Her previous job was teaching English at a high school in New Jersey. She moved to Massachusetts in March, and luckily received her job at HHS. When talking to Ms. Fuoco, it is easy to see how passionate she is about her job and her students.

“It’s a great community,” Ms.Fuoco said when asked if she liked HHS. “The students are hard working and well rounded.”

She said that she heard great things about Holliston and it had many parallels to the last school she taught at. Besides the teaching atmosphere, Ms. Fuoco also likes being close to Boston.

“It’s a lovely city,” She said. “A great place to move near.”

Outside of school, she enjoys playing sports and is an avid reader. She is very active- she enjoys snowboarding and plays in adult leagues for softball and field hockey. She likes to do anything adventurous.

Sadly, Ms. Fuoco has to leave her job at HHS as Ms. Murphy returns to teach for the rest of the year. But, Ms. Fuoco isn’t gone for good, as she will be filling in for Ms. Cournoyer teaching eighth grade English when she takes her maternity leave. She’s sad to leave her classes at HHS but she is glad that she can remain in the community.

“I love that [Holliston] is a small town, there is a real sense of community.”



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