Ryan Cahill

Staff Writer

On Monday, October 14th, the senior class of Holliston High School hosted their 3rd annual Senior Auction. On average, the auction raises somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 which usually makes up for roughly 80% of the class’ total four-year profit.The class of 2014 made a $24,000 profit before expenses, $22,000 after. The premise for this fundraiser is simple; anyone is free to donate objects, which the seniors sell at bargain prices.

During the earlier hours, a live auction takes place, with tickets priced at $20. However, starting at 9 AM, this price dropped to $5. As the items for sale are extremely cheap, a large portion of the profit comes directly from these ticket prices. Among the items for sale were bicycles, furniture, exercise equipment, gift cards, and a signed Rob Gronkowski jersey.

The Senior Auction has proven time and time again to tie the Holliston community together; many items came from local businesses including Bazel’s and Berry Bon Bon, who were glad to help support the school. Plenty of parents volunteered to work the cash registers, while the seniors themselves were essential to the success the event.

Senior Megan Cahill  described the event as “an extremely well-run fundraiser which benefits both the class and community”.

As a staple fundraising event, it seems that the Senior Auction will make its return for years to come. The current class officers of the sophomore and junior classes both intend to keep the event running.

  Sophomore class treasurer PJ Donnelly says that the Senior Auction “plays a massive role in our high-school; it provides an enormous majority of the funds for Prom, in addition to making up any deficits from expensive Semi-Formals, and covering most expenses for the senior class trip”.

This is great news for both bargain-hunting Hollistonians and Prom-loving students alike, as the Senior Auction continues a trend of massive popularity.


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