Anna Cunningham 

Staff Writer 

The United Nations Childrens Fund strives towards helping underprivileged children in third world countries. UNICEF fights for free, quality education for all genders and for protecting children against domestic violence. There have been some famous faces that have helped out with UNICEF in the past including Selena Gomez and just recently, Katy Perry.

Here at HHS, we have a UNICEF club. Every year, the month of October is especially important for UNICEF. On Halloween night, different groups of about five or so people will go out and collect spare change to donate to UNICEF. I myself joined the club just last year as a freshman, and found the experience to be a very simple and easy way of helping out this great cause.

President Shelby Cheever says, “Trick or Treat for UNICEF is one of HHS UNICEF club’s major fundraising events which on an international level is essential in helping the UNICEF organization operate.” It’s proved to be a fun experience for all who participate, and a great help in the long run of things.

Currently, UNICEF does not have any other major fundraisers; however, we are working to come up with new ideas, and always appreciate more insight. So if you like the idea of lending a helping hand or just want to be a part of a club whose meetings and restrictions are low-key, join UNICEF. Just contact Shelby Cheever or Jenna McCredie for information.


 Staff writers Anna Cunningham and Alex Cahill. 


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