Grace Pecci

Staff Writer

 On Saturday September 21st, the town of Holliston came together for its 22nd annual “Celebrate Holliston” day. Celebrate Holliston was originally started in 1991 and it is a non-profit organization.

The day kicked off with a parade in the morning followed by a field day. Holliston High School’s chorus performed for the crowd, and there was food, games, as well as lots of booths to keep residents occupied. Celebrate Holliston brings the entire town together in one day, enjoying as well as taking pride in our hometown, in support of local business establishments.

Among the popular booths was Holliston High School’s Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).Sophomore Alex White is one of the members in SADD who worked their booth at Celebrate Holliston. White explained that SADD signed up for a booth to try to raise money for their club. They were successful in receiving donations, as they drew in a crowd with their sno- cone machine. The sno-cones attracted all ages- especially children.

White said that working a booth “was a good way to support Holliston and it made me feel like I was part of the town.”

Another booth that gained a lot of attention was the booth run by Fiske’s. Little kids were swarming around the booth all day once they learned that rubber bands were free to make bracelets. They spent all day sorting through different colors of rubber bands.

Senior Hannah Wolpert who works at Fiskes also worked the booth for part of the day. She said she enjoyed getting to see the whole town but having kids swarm around her made it a little stressful and hard to focus.

Wolpert said that “it was nice to see everyone come out for a good cause.” Being a senior, it was a bit nostalgic as she realized she most likely will not be attending Celebrate Holliston next year.

“It makes me sad,” Wolpert said when asked how she felt about attending her last Celebrate Holliston, “but it’s also exciting. There’s a different feeling this year. People look up to us as role models.”

Wolpert is ready to move onto bigger things.  As the students at HHS get older they move on but ultimately what brings us back together is celebrating our hometown.


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