Mariana Pires

Staff Writer


                Nine months ago I was a Brazilian student adapted to the different method of Brazilian schools. In the first three months of nine months since I moved from my country, I have had to adjust to a new school culture. Studying in a Brazilian School was one of my experiences that I’m always going to be interested to tell people about.

Brazilian schools embraces the priority that all of the kids start going to school at 6 years old. Preschool is not common in Brazil. Grades in school are called by  numbers like in the United States. From the first grade until the ninth grade, we study from 6 to 14 years old. However, In Brazil, there’s only 3 years of High School. We start 10th grade at 15 and finish 12th grade at 17 years old.

Schools in Brazil don’t have separate buildings for elementary and high school students. They share the same building during a different part of the day. The buildings of the public schools of Brazil are big, to have space for more than 37 students in only one class.

The biggest challenge for the teachers, with this number of students, is to keep their concentration. Because of this, in the past, teachers used a method of punishment for those students who did not behave. They used to beat the student’s hand with a wooden stick and make them stay on their knees behind the door over corn seeds for many minutes. Today, there’s really no punishment . There is not detention like in American Schools. I like the fact that in Holliston High School, students are disciplined for what they do wrong, because it makes them take more responsibility for themselves.

   In Brazil, some of the schools have beautiful cultural activities, such as annual festivals, special dances, instrument-making classes, and even a program called ”Escola da Familia” (Family School). This free program is for parents and students to take courses like art, language, and cooking

  There are some more differences between my old Brazilian school and Holliston High School. In my old school, I had to wear uniforms every day. Report cards didn’t have ‘’A’’,’’B’’ or ‘’C’’ for grades, they had 1 to 10, with 10 being an ‘’A’’. The duration of the school day was only 5 hours, and our long school vacation (like summer vacation here in the United States) used to start in November and finish by the middle of February. In Brazil the school year begins in the middle of February not September.

 The most difficulty adjusting that I have had was trying to explain something in English. Before, I couldn’t find the right words. What I have enjoyed most was seeing people connected with sports. When I first went to the track , for example, I could see people practicing the sport with determination and seriousness.

  I consider and I incorporate the good experiences that I lived in my old school, but I believe in my potential of developing myself educationally around the professional team that Holliston High School has.



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