Andrea Labb


To Do List

 Today, remember to-

 Excel in your sport

But don’t let your grades slip

And sign up for clubs

Be the leader of those clubs

Show you have leadership skills

Donate your time volunteering

Do not waste it relaxing and recovering

Did you get a job yet?

How will you afford college without any money?

Which reminds me, that B should be an A

Any college you would apply to looks for A’s

Go out

You spend too much time at home

But not everyday              

You will get a bad reputation

You know what else will give you a bad reputation?

That skirt

It’s too short

No don’t wear that either

It looks like you’re trying too hard

Study, study, study

Have you been practicing piano?

Sounds like you forgot


Just check off each when you have finished

We will do the same tomorrow


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