walkMegan Jenkins


Earlier this month, junior Troy Waddell held a walk to raise funds for the Boston One Fund. The event took place Saturday, May 11th at HHS, where participants were encouraged to walk one mile, and all ages were welcome.

“I just felt like something needed to be done in town for an event that hit so close to home,” said Waddell. Bracelets inscribed with, ‘Holliston Strong’ were given out to the first 25 participants.

‘Holliston Strong’  definitely describes junior Austin Barrett, who had close family affected from the bombings. “My first cousin Patrick Downes and his wife Jessica Kensky-Downes were watching the marathon on Boylston street when it happened.  They both lost their left legs, 10 cm below the knee.”

Barrett didn’t personally attend Waddell’s event, but said “It was a really good idea,” and spent his day visiting his cousins in the Spalding rehab center in Boston.

Waddell said,  “over 70 participants came to show their support, and we raised over $1200.”

Waddell’s event was successful, and the funds raised will be put to good use like helping victims such as Patrick and Jessica Downes. The Barrett’s are one of the many families in Holliston affected by the event. By participating in events like Troy’s walk, we can really show our support as a community, and prove that we are ‘Holliston Strong’.


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