By Grace Ballenger

Editor in Chief

 As the class of 2013 leaves to begin a new chapter in their lives, Holliston High School principal Mr. Michael Cournoyer is leaving with it on a bittersweet note, to take on a new role at Hopkinton High School.

 Mr. Cournoyer, principal of HHS for the past five years, says that he wants to leave Holliston to take a position at Hopkinton High School because “Hopkinton is my adopted hometown… It’s kind of corny, but I like the idea of living and working in the same town.”

 He also added that since Hopkinton is where his daughter will attend school in the fall “the idea of being able to be there for my daughter is really appealing.”

Even though he has only been here for five years, Mr. Cournoyer believes that he has accomplished a lot in creating a professional culture among the faculty of the school. He stated that he has been able to “let teachers be the experts in their classrooms and do the good work they’ve been trained to do.”

Some of the worst parts of the job for Mr. Cournoyer have been dealing with low budgets and “having to make decisions on which programs to cut.”

He has also struggled with the “pervasive belief among [some] students that it’s okay to bring drugs and alcohol to school.”

Although there have been some struggles, Mr. Cournoyer said that his fellow administrators are “more like family than like co-workers. So coming to work with them every day has been a joy.”

He also praised the students at HHS, saying they are “among the most talented anywhere,” and added “I’ll miss their spirit.”

Ultimately Mr. Cournoyer said, “The sense of community at [HHS] is very special [and] that’s what I’ll miss the most.”

With Mr. Cournoyer’s position open at HHS, the question is left to be answered : who will take his place?  In the 2013-2014 school year, HHS won’t only be welcoming new freshman to its halls, it will also be welcoming a new principle.




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