Grace Pecci

Staff Writer

On April 27, 2013, eight brave teams took Holliston by storm, scavenging through every neighborhood of Holliston in search of items for the food pantry.  

Junior Scavenger Hunt has been a tradition at Holliston High School for over 13 years. Although some see it as a competition between factions of the junior class, it is all for charity, as the items gathered are scored for points and then donated to the food pantry in Holliston.

Every team received a different neighborhood in Holliston where they would go door to door asking for donations to the food pantry. The competitive aspect comes from the points given by the gathered items because every item that was donated to the food pantry had a different point value. For example, paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper were among the higher values of points because they are most needed by the pantry. Canned fruit and Vegetables had a lower point value, but were still a valued find.

Aside from the competition of gaining the highest amount of points, there was also a competition for costumes. Every team had a different theme. These themes included The Super Fly Five, Nerd Alert, Candy Land, Mariocarters, Twister Moves, Scavenger Soldiers, Landscapers and Soccer Moms. The winners for costumes were the Mariocarters- Ben Clapper, Kylie Connors, Lauren Curtiss and Alex Echouafni, who each received a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

The team that gained the highest amount of points was The Super Fly Five- Abby Belyea, Shelby Cheever, Megan Jenkins, Jenna McCredie, and Rachel Strock. They had over twelve thousand points at the end of the scavenger hunt, just 1,000 points higher than the runners up–Candy Land. These winners will receive tickets to next year’s prom.  

Not only is the Junior Scavenger Hunt a fun and friendly competition, it  is also very beneficial to the local food pantry.

Advisor of the junior class and coordinator of the Scavenger Hunt Bill Wechsler said that the food pantry was “incredibly thankful.” By the end of the day, the food pantry took away “two large trucks full of food.”

Mr. Wechsler explained that the food pantry serves “about 23 families a week.” The food pantry was low on items, but luckily the scavenger hunt helped restock some of what was missing. Just taking a few hours out of our busy schedules can do a lot of good to local charities like the food pantry, as well as help many families in Holliston.


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