By Randy Stopa

Staff Writer

The crowd of over 900 students that were packed into the Holliston High School auditorium burst into applause as the lights dimmed and the projection of the first three emcees came down on the stage.

Senior Showcase took place on the night of Thursday, March 14. The show contained 19 performances, 2 opening dances, and skits from the emcees between acts to keep the show going.

“People [put] their hearts into their performances and should be shown the respect and acknowledgement they deserve,” said Mr. Bill Weschler, the faculty advisor/director of the senior showcase.

Although this is the 6th year he has accepted this position for the showcase, he said each class is different due to the individual talents of the class. “This year’s class has a wealth of singers and musicians, so there [were] many singing numbers with accompaniment from piano and guitars.”

One of the musicians who performed that night was Sarah Yarashus. Yarashus played piano and sang vocals for the song “Hey Ya” by the outcasts with Nikki Wexler and Matt Koshivas. In addition she played piano for “We Are Young” by Fun with Meghan Driscoll and Carolyn Banack and played and sang in her solo of Sara Bareilles’ song “City.”

“I think it’s interesting to see the talent we have that you may not get to see when you go to school with people,” said Yarashus in reference to the dance numbers of Taylor Nunes and Kathryn Cousseillant.

Rachel Harris who sang “Blood Brothers” by Ingrid Michaelson with piano accompaniment by Robin Stopa also agreed with this statement.

“It’s interesting to see all the talent come together. I had never realized just how many people had talent in my grade. It’s also really cool to see all the different genres of talent, ranging from instrumentals to vocals to dance to skits,” said Harris.

When the performers were not on stage, it was the emcees who kept everyone laughing and having fun. Act One’s emcees for this year were Matt Jarvis, Bryan Castellanos, and Alex Parnell. In an effort to keep the crowd smiling, the three’s outfits ranged from black tuxes, to Celtics jerseys, to leprechaun costumes, to lederhosen. The three even shaved their heads into Mohawks back stage, much to the surprise of the audience.

The second act’s emcees were Bobby Kiley, Catherine Tehan, and Caroline Scheib. To keep their half entertaining, a pie eating contest was held, eventually leading to a food fight. Stage crew scrambled on stage during one of the acts to clean up the cream that had gotten on the floor and the curtains.

But to the people who went to this year’s HHS Senior Showcase, it was a success. Yoshia Yamakawa, a freshman at HHS said, “Obviously! There [were] some really good performers and a lot of people went.”


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