By Dionna DeLuca
Special Correspondent

Being a teenager in high school is stressful.

Students often find themselves worrying about grades, finding a job, dealing with boat loads of homework, meeting the expectations of their parents and finding time to hang out with friends.

And now that we’ve just returned from vacation and have finals coming up just around the corner the stress is even worse.  It’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t end up with blistering headaches, and breakouts like crazy. So how can a high school teenager relieve some of this stress?

According to stress.about.com, “Enjoying sports, from karate to mountain biking to tennis … can be a fun way to get exercise and relieve stress, [as they provide] endorphins, a social outlet, a way to release frustration, and [a way to be] healthier and happier in the end.”

“Playing a sport is a good competitive way to release energy, stress and anxiety” said Mr. Anthony Vizakis, football and baseball coach at Holliston High School (HHS).

Not only does it relieve stress in your life, it also provides other benefits as well.

“When you are playing a sport and you are a part of a team it is like being part of a family. In a way you are also giving back to your community [by] doing community service fundraisers which provide money for the school and team. Plus you get the sense of being a part of something,” said coach Vizakis.

According to livestronger.com, “exercise helps you feel happy, sleep better, combat depression and low self esteem [and instills] a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Playing a sport is a good way to relieve stress, meet new people and work on the skills of playing the game. So what happens if you are not as athletic as you want to be but you would like to play a sport to relieve stress?

“I would recommend track,” said Coach Vizakis. “There are a lot of events in track that a girl or boy can ease into and get adjusted to [that are] easier than joining other sports.”

According to Peggy Coleman, the nurse at HHS, “Playing a sport can help students with time management.” She also noted the health aspects of playing a sport which include “eating healthier and getting a better night’s sleep which results in a more balanced life.”

So next time you’re feeling that the stress is just too much, go for a run and consider joining that sports team in the spring.


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