By Anna Cunningham and Tayler Nunes
Staff Writers

This time of the school year, it seems people are so busy, all they want is a little break from the madness. Now that the gratuitous number of four day weeks are long gone and the Holliston High School Community has to actually go to school five whole days in a row, December break cannot come fast enough.

But, these full weeks could not come at a better time because every year when the first inklings of the holidays come to Holliston everything seems to slow down while the exciting end of the month draws near. The event  that often starts  the widespread celebratory mood is the Holiday Stroll, and this year was no different.

The annual Holiday Stroll always takes place two days after Thanksgiving, in downtown Holliston.  This event  offers  the chance to see what the stores around town have put out for the holiday season, and there are always refreshments, shopping, and fresh air (often welcome after a after a day of  overeating).  A trolley  is  set up for the occasion, but many people are content to stroll around with carolers, who are just enjoying  the season.

Though the setting of the stroll is still the same downtown Holliston as it has always been, the holiday decor and bright lights definitely give a change to the setting. The store owners and workers are always welcoming.

This year’s stroll was no exception, and the  residents of Holliston were out and about enjoying the festive event.

Co-owner of local store, The Bird In Hand, Meredith Nunes said, “The Holiday Stroll is a very festive day for Holliston because it’s a joyous time with music, lights, food, and spirit. Additionally, it brings in a significant amount of revenue for the participating stores.”

The hours of the event were slightly altered this year to give locals more time to  stroll. Nunes says, “Due to the extended hours, our store was less crowded creating a more comfortable shopping and socializing environment.”

As usual, the Holiday Stroll was a major success. Business owners and strollers alike were as jolly as ever and it was the perfect start to all of the festivities to come. Nunes says, ”It’s a lot of hard work during the day of the Stroll, however, it’s exhilarating to see our community coming together to support the town and the businesses within it.”

Multiple stores had baked goods and as usual, donations to charity were accepted. The trolley had increased its route and huge groups of people were eager as always to ride aboard and to sing carols and be with friends. Pejamajo’s was certainly retaining business well with all the hot beverages being served, and on that Small Business Saturday, everyone came together to support the town’s businesses and  to walk off some turkey.

Although the Stroll has passed, local stores are still open for some last minute holiday shopping. For jewelry and home decor, The Bird In Hand has an enormous amount of options for every woman in the family. For cousins and small children, Fiske’s has adorable toys and great arts and crafts projects. A gift card to Pejamajo’s or Coffee Haven is great for all of your foodie friends. There are also  many antique stores throughout town to get one of a kind gifts for those most dear to you.

And remember that Holliston also has amazing ways to give back to the community during the holiday season. Charities and volunteers are bustling to give someone that holiday that they  otherwise might not have been able to have. Places in Holliston like the Food Pantry and even at Holliston High School are looking for donations. And though the stroll may be over and done with, the stores aren’t going anywhere! For this last push of holiday shopping, support the local business that keep Holliston the thriving town it has come to be known as.


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