By Megan Jenkins

The Holliston High School drama department invites you to “be their guest” at their 2012 rendition of the beloved classic “Beauty and the Beast.”

Lumier and Cogsworth

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Polny
Alessandro Arena DeRosa (Lumier) and Nick Lynch (Cogsworth) in Holliston High School’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

This family friendly musical opens tonight  and continues through November 17th. For the flat rate of $15 you, too, can experience the adventure, excitement, and romance of this dramatic production.

Holliston High School seniors Nicole Wexler as Belle, Patrick Murphy as Gaston, Nate Burkett as the Beast, and Matt Koshivas as Mourice take the Holliston High School stage for their last high school musical production.

Cast member, Andrew Emmons said, “This production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a childhood favorite” and has been “fun, seeing as it is the largest production we’ve done so far.”

Students from first through 12th grade have been rehearsing for the play since September and are eager to put on the show.

Belle and the Beast

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Polny
From Left: Nicole Wexler (Belle) and Nate Burket

Kathy Skerry, mother of one crew member and one cast member said, “I think you’ll be very impressed.”

An impression is exactly what the cast and crew are trying to make, especially after last year’s production of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat” set the bar very high.

The cast did their final dress rehearsal Wednesday night in order to prepare for opening night. Local senior citizens attended this final run through after their National Honor Society  sponsored pasta dinner, and the production got its first reviews.

Senior citizens, Shelia Love and Beverly Cray agree that they “expect it to be fabulous. Last year was fabulous, and the year before, and the year before…we expect it to be just as good.”

After the full dress rehearsal, Allen McWilliams, another senior citizen said,“It was great. I

Gaston, Lefou, Monsiour D'Arque

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Polny
From Left: Patrick Murphy (Gaston), Ben Rutberg (Lefou), Andrew Emmons (Monsiour D’Arque)

really liked the scenery, and the costumes are fantastic.”

From the detailed sets and scenery to the intricate costumes and makeup, the cast and crew pulled out all the stops to make the production a hit.

Another senior citizen added, “My favorite part? Well I couldn’t tell you. It was all amazing.”

The production is off to a great start, and with positive reviews already given, it seems that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night viewers are in for a treat.

The cast members seem to agree the response from audience members will be positive due to the quality of the show.

Emmons said, “The rehearsals have been long and hard, but the reward is so amazing. It makes it all worth it.”  

Cast at Dress Rehearsal Wednesday Night

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Polny
Cast at dress rehearsal Wednesday night


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