Holliston High School freshmen Genevieve Kent and Matt Warren were interviewed by Vision reporter Anna Cunningham last Friday. They were asked the following questions:

  • Which party do you identify with, Democrat, Republican or Independent?
  • Who do you think will win the election and why?
  • Do you think that elections should be decided by popular vote or is the electoral college a good system?

Their answers were as follows:

Genevieve Kent:
1. Democrat
2. Thinks Obama will win because “He has a student plan for college and student loans, which will really help middle class families.”
3. By popular vote because “Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, not just the countries’ single vote.”  

Matt Warren:
1. Independent
2. Wants Romney to win but thinks Obama will because “He is more of a social person, Romney is just a lawyer to convince people to come to his side.”
3. Electoral college is good because “Founding fathers made the college. It’s more based on who would have the most power in the country. Popular votes would just be compared to looks now, and not about smarts.”


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