By Tinka Bushko
Staff Writer

In the month of September, Jennifer LeBlanc , a young woman fresh out of college and hoping to become an English teacher, opened the doors to an Open Mic Night, or a poetry sharing event.

With a love for poetry and a hope to get closer to the community she set up this event with the help of the public library staff. Ten minutes later, the hall that was set for maybe twenty people had six people, of all ages, ready to share in their love for poetry.

Even without a big turnout, the night proceeded to become a very enjoyable event. As stated by Phyllis McPhee, a senior citizen and Holliston newcomer who came to the Open Mic Night out of curiosity, the “openness and warmth,”mixed with the “spirit of joyfulness” in the room made the event fun, and gave her a deeper connection to the community that she had just joined. She and the rest of participants left with plans to come back again to this hopefully monthly event.

The night started out with a poem read by LeBlanc herself called “Eurydice” by Louise Gluck. The poem, painting a picture of the battle between heaven and hell, was a very good and dramatic ice breaker. The night went on with all of the participants reading and discussing many poems, from sad and majestic, to funny and witty. There were many emotion shared, many laughs, and many different points of view.

If this gathering seems interesting here’s the good news: there will be future poetry nights. This time, however, the goal is for more people to come. The group hopes to attract more members via more advertising and people who attended the first time bringing friends. There was also some talk of  moving the event to a local cafe instead of the open room on the first floor of the library.

Either way, if this sparks your interest, be sure to keep an eye out for signs around town, and be ready to bring your love for poetry and a creative, open-minded spirit to this heartwarming event.


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