Megan Jenkins
Staff Writer

Some students at Holliston High School have their fingers crossed that the infamous Hurricane Sandy will hit hard, leaving us with our first ever ‘Hurricane Day’ here in Holliston early next week.

However, the prospect of this “Frankenstorm,” as experts are calling it, causing havoc on the eve of Halloween does not thrill everyone.

Junior Emily Kokidko explains, “It would be nice to not have school, but hopefully it doesn’t ruin Halloween.”

Juniors Simonne Katz and Rachel Kriegsman both agree that Hurricane Sandy would cause more harm than good. Katz and Kriegsman explain, “ We aren’t afraid of storms, and missing school would be a plus, but we hope it doesn’t hit us.”

Melissa M. Werthmann, Globe Correspondent for Boston.com elaborates, “It is uncertain where exactly Hurricane Sandy will make landfall next week, but regardless of where it hits the coast, New England is going to feel it.”

With over 20 lives already taken by this brutal storm, no one knows what the future holds for Holliston, as well as surrounding towns when Hurricane Sandy finally hits.


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