By Grace Pecci

Junior Kelly Barden received a one hundred dollar check on October 10, 2012. She was the winner of a logo design contest for the Holliston Senior Center and created her logo in Mrs. Lisa Bynoe’s Graphic Design class last spring.

Mrs. Bynoe’s Graphic Design class is, for the most part, a computer based class that also completes  some work in the art classroom. It focuses on understanding the process that goes into making graphic designs. The class has many projects to work on such as making billboards, ads, and brochures. When creating these projects, students use InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator software.  Besides graphic design, the class also touches upon interior design, environmental design and advertising.

Barden said that her design is very simple, consisting of the letters HSC with a floral pattern wrapped around it and Holliston Senior Center written below it.

“In my design class, each person made three designs and they got submitted to the Senior Center for them to decide which one they like,” Barden explained.

She was not aware of exactly when the judges were to pick her design; she believes it was chosen in either late June or early July. The school announced that she is the winner at the beginning of September.

The Holliston Senior Center offers different types of groups, clubs, classes, and activities for people fifty-five years and older.  Their mission is to “provide a resourceful environment that enhances the quality of life for all participants, and likewise the greater Holliston community.”

Barden’s logo design will be shown on their website and in various places around the center. She will not be making any more logo designs for now, but she will be able to enjoy seeing her logo appear all around Holliston


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