Alycia Skerry

Special Correspondent

What is ultimate? “Frisbee,” junior Brian Jacobs said. “It’s technically called ultimate. Frisbee is a brand name of Wham-O.”

Call the sport what you will, the Ultimate team displayed their skills on Memorial Day weekend as the 10th best Ultimate team in the state, rounding out the season at the state tournament in Greenfield.

The biggest highlight of the season, said co-captain Ryan Mullens in an email interview, was the first game on the first day of the tournament. “We played Abington… and won the game. The past two tourneys we lost the first game by one point which ruined our team’s morale for the rest of the games, so this was an amazing moment.”

The first game of the day saw Holliston beat Abington 11-10 on “universal point,” a sort of “sudden death,” Jacobs explained. In ultimate, the teams play to 15 points, or to when the time runs out. This game was tied at 10 and 10, and in the last tie-breaking moments of the game, Holliston scored.

The next game was against Amherst, a team known as “one of the best ultimate teams in the nation,” according to Jacobs. “We lost 15-1.”

“It was very interesting to see how they played,” said Mullens. “They also had very good team chemistry. We learned a lot from the game.”

The next game was against Amherst’s junior varsity team. “We lost 11-10 on universal point,” Jacobs said.

On the second day, Holliston played the Amherst junior varsity team again, this time beating them in a reversal of the previous day’s score: 11-10, Holliston. Jacobs then said that in the last game of the tournament, “we lost against Newton North playing for 9th place.”

“It feels amazing to have placed 10th in the state. It is a huge milestone and I am happy to have been a part of it,” said Mullens. “The tournament was the best part of our season. It was everything we practiced for. We came together as a team, had a lot of fun, and managed to rank tenth.”

“It was a fantastic season,” Jacobs said. “We’re going to miss our seniors.”

Ten of the nineteen students on the team graduated this year, leaving the smaller half of the team to recruit more players for next year.

According to Mullens, the current co-captain with Ben Hart, Jake “Rusty” Varrell and Jensen Holder will be next year’s ultimate captains.

“This season was the best we’ve ever done. We worked a lot harder than previous years and it really showed,” Mullens said.

“Ultimate Frisbee is a very fun sport to play,” Mullens continued. “It’s easy to learn even if one isn’t very good at throwing a Frisbee, it just takes practice… I would encourage everyone to play it.”


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