By Jessica Polny

Special Correspondent

Class dues will not be paid by the Holliston High School Class of 2013 during both their junior and senior year, a development which brings the students to focus on other fundraisers in order to raise enough money for future events.

Mr. Murray Galster, a Class of 2013 advisor, said that eliminating class dues is “not so much for [the class’s] sake as our sake and the officer’s sake.” Not having dues has resolved a lot of problems involving miscommunications between students, parents, class advisors, and overall has saved the class officers from a lot of running around and chasing down students.

Ms. Jenna Galster, who serves as class advisor with Mr. Galster, estimated that the class has collected about $4,000 in dues, but said that “a lot people who did not attend the two [semiformals] did not pay.”

Mr. Galster broke down the new financials in simple terms. “Higher costs for events” make up for what was lost in class dues. For example, prom tickets were $65 this year; they would have been $45 had students paid their $20 class dues. Either way, each student would have paid $65 in total.

However, removing the class dues has brought about some issues for the student body. Junior Brian Jacobs said that he paid his junior dues – not knowing that they were cancelled for this year – and he isn’t sure if he got a refund.

Ms. Galster says that the class officers have already worked to refund juniors who paid the extra dues by refunding them or taking money off of their prom ticket. She said that it was much easier to refund students who had paid dues than it would be to collect dues because there were so few students who had paid their dues in advance.

However doubts about class funding still remain among the students. “I don’t believe [the class will] have enough funds for next year,” said Junior Katrina Cole. She did not pay her class dues, as instructed, and has many doubts about funding next year’s events, her greatest concern being prom.

Despite these issues, Class Treasurer Nichole Wexler said that dues were indeed “a huge hassle,” but removing them has not heavily affected the activities for the Class of ‘13. There is still Senior Auction to look towards for raising money, and the Junior Scavenger Hunt and Junior Prom continued to be a success for this past year even without class dues.

To bring in revenue for next year, Wexler said that the class officers are not looking too far into the specifics of smaller fundraisers in order to “focus on the Senior Auction,” which will reel in the largest profit for the class. The main focus will be ensuring that the students’ are involved in raising money, rather than being dependent on parents.

Ms. Galster states that the class would like to make $20,000 from the senior auction which is to take place next year.

Mr. Galster said that ultimately “it is up to [the students of the Class of 2013] for it to be a success.” He is confident in the class’s abilities to hold such responsibilities, impressed by the fast and efficient clean-up completed by the Junior class at this past year’s Senior Auction.

Wexler is also excited that the Class of 2013 “participates a lot in class events.” She hopes that next year’s activities allow the class to “become closer together,” the most important goal for the class officers.

When Class President Matthew Jarvis was asked what the focus for next year’s funds will be, he said that “I want to focus on what kids want the most.” He spoke a lot about Prom, Senior Auction, Senior Showcase, and the all-night Graduation party at the end of next year.

Jarvis explains how hard he and the student council are working to make everything a great experience, and explained that ultimately he just loves “supporting our class.”



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