By Olivia Noe

Special Correspondent

Café Dolce Tempo Ice Cream & Café opened on April 16th.

Co-owner, Kostas Migos, known locally from the family business Bazels Pizzas & Subs, opened Dolce Tempo to give the town a taste of the North End pastries and desserts.

“I checked out what was in town, and I tried to see what was missing so I could bring something new to the town,” said co-owner, Kostas Migos.

Dolce Tempo brings a different feel, selling many delicious treats including ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, Italian pastries, coffee, and many more. The desserts attract costumers of all ages.

Excited about the opening and business coming in, Migos said “I want it this place to be contemporary, vibrant, fresh, and unique so everyone that comes in will have a great experience.”

Madison Waldo, a current employee at Dolce Tempo and a senior at Holliston High School, appeared very enthusiastic when she said, “I love my job, it’s so much fun and a great way to meet people in town that come in here. I’ve never had a job like this before so I’m still learning a lot.”

Waldo also mentioned how refreshing the café looked and explained how it really attracts other teens that go to HHS.

The employees aren’t the only ones who love the new place; customers have been posting on the Dolce Tempo Facebook group, and post how great their experience was when they visited.

Wendy Thorsen Bruno, a mother and resident in Holliston, recently tried out Dolce Tempo and posted, “I loved the gelato!!! Now just get some sugar free stuff for us diabetics!”

Shortly after customer Bruno, posted, Dolce Tempo took her suggestions into consideration and is now selling sugar free ice cream.

Another local in Holliston, Alison Malcolm, visited Dolce Tempo recently and posted “VERY well done guys, and VERY affordable! Stopped this afternoon for the first time and it was delicious! Definitely will be back!”

The positive feedback is fantastic for Migos, because when asked where he pictures the place in 5 years he said, “Hopefully paid off, and maybe have another one somewhere else.”


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