By Emily Hebert

Special Correspondent

“Enigma”, Holliston High School’s literary magazine, is planning on publishing their first collection of online work sometime in late May.

The student-run magazine is most excited about “finally launching the website, which is great in terms of visuality and the frequency of publication,” said Mr. Chris Murphy, the club’s advisor.

The club has been working towards an online publication of works past and present, available through the HHS website. This will be the first year that the club’s final product will be free. The objective of the website is to make it “as widely available as it could possibly be,” said Mr. Murphy.

“Anything can be added online, before it was that only someone in a writing class or in ‘Enigma’ could submit,” said Maddy Walker, senior at HHS and the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

What made the 2012 publication special, said Walker, was that “everyone has made their own individual contribution to create an accurate reflection of the club as a whole.”

By working through the website, Mr. Murphy and the club were able to revisit the archives of former students’ and “Enigma” members’ literary works. Murphy said he was able to revisit why the club started in the first place.

“Enigma” is “a place to showcase writing talent of anybody in the school community,” said Mr. Murphy. Mr. Murphy has been the club’s advisor since 2001.

“‘Enigma’ is about loving the potential that resides in every student driven to voice their own perspective,” noted Walker in the 2012 publication’s letter from the editor.

“Being published gives [young writers] something to work towards,” said Caitlin McCaul, senior at HHS and “Enigma” member. “It makes them feel like their writing is worth something.”

When looking for “Enigma”-worthy literary work, the club members look for genuine creative thought, said Walker.

Mr. Murphy said that he gravitates towards pieces that have a sense of “obvious individualism. We look for pieces with original voice; something unique about them, with sincere expression.”

“Enigma” publishes “mostly poetry with a couple of short stories,” said McCaul. Maddy later added, “But we are trying to encourage more short stories.”

“Enigma” meetings are every Wednesday, in room 600.


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