Local rock band “Blackwell” got their big break at TCAN’s Rock Showdown, sponsored by Berklee College of Music on April 15.

Members consist of lead guitarist Nate Adelman, bassist Marc Apesos, drummer Steve Snow, and lead vocalist Nate Burkett. The competition had multiple rounds. The first round required the participants to send in a CD with a demo of one of their songs. According to Adelman, about 60 participants applied and only 12 were chosen.

The second round that Blackwell participated in consisted of 3 other bands, and occurred in February. They then moved on to the final round.

“[The] first night was really uptight,” said Adelman. “We were the only straight up rock band there.”

The showdown awarded numerous prizes to the bands, including $1,000 scholarships to Berklee’s Five-Week Summer Performance Program, a prestigious program built for young musicians that focuses on the study of individual performance. Vocalist Burkett won the scholarship, while Adelman, Snow, and Apesos won other things like gift cards to Guitar Center and drum equipment, said Adelman

“We’ve been doing a lot of shows around the area,” said vocalist Nate Burkett, who is very excited for “getting to go to Berklee.”

Blackwell formed in September, and began playing at different shows including Holliston’s Leo Jam Fest, and Holliston’s Got Talent, where they placed second.

Blackwell has been making a name for itself this year, progressing to more serious performances. They write their own music, with a few covers here and there.

Their strongest asset, according to Adelman, is “musically, the way we all work together. That’s when you succeed.”


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