Special Correspondent

Administration at Holliston High School has barred the English department from purchasing any new title hard copy books and will be introducing eBooks into the curriculum instead.

In the past year, HHS has taken an initiative to bring technology into the learning atmosphere. According to Principal, Mr. Michael Cournoyer, the goal is “to allow students to find a way that’s most comfortable to them to access content.” He believes that incorporating technology into lesson plans is “a lot more real life.”

Mr. Cournoyer argued that it does not make much sense for students to be immersed in technology day to day and then to leave it all behind when they step into the school. He believes that the introduction of technology into the curriculum will “prepare kids for the next step.”

Throughout the faculty, opinions on the e-books are varied. Mr. Quindley, English department coordinator, “[doesn’t] have a problem with it,” he actually “kind of [likes] the idea.” He argued, “anything that gets kids to read…is a great idea.”

Mr. Quindley believes that this switch from older, obsolete forms of information to technologically available information is a “worldwide change, not just an administration change.” He said the “administration is adapting to the way of the world.”

On the other hand, some educators are more wary of the change, chiefly concerned with how it will affect their teaching style and lesson plans.

Mrs. Murphy, an English teacher at HHS, said in an e-mail interview, “I encourage students to utilize whatever they can to help them learn.” She is “not opposed to a switch;” however, she “wonder[s] about what a change like this will do [to] classroom environments and student success.

Mr. Cournoyer said that the incorporation of eBooks and other technology would not be “at the expense of the personal communication.”

Although past efforts to bring technology to the school have not gone exactly according to plan, Mr. Quindley believes that “with anything there will be bumps in the road,” but thinks, “it will run relatively smoothly.”


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