A commercial featuring music composed by Holliston High School songwriters will air on NESN and other local cable channels as early as June.

Driving home from a football game in fall of 2011, HHS senior Andrew DesRochers was struck with the idea for a song expressing his appreciation for the town he grew up in.

“I wrote the lyrics in the car and the guitar chords as soon as I got home,” said DesRochers, who has written songs in the past. However, DesRochers said, “This was the first song that just kinda came to me.”

Two days later, DesRochers showed the song to his friend Cara Wehmhoefer, a sophomore at HHS who DesRochers had worked with in the past. Wehmhoefer, who hopes to extend her passion for music into a career, was able to help DesRochers with the piano portions of the song and contribute to its overall “drive.”

After Wehmhoefer made several additions to the composition, the two students were satisfied with the result and named the song “This Town.”

Tom Emmons, owner and manager of Roster, an expanding Boston sports apparel store, decided to use the song after watching DesRochers perform “This Town” at HHS’s Senior Showcase along with fellow seniors Brittney Galaez and Dan Larracey.

A 1978 graduate of HHS himself, who now lives in Holliston with his family, Emmons was able to relate to the message of “This Town” and felt his customers would too.

“Roster carries the best apparel to represent hometown pride,” said Emmons. Hence, when it came time to look for music to accompany a Roster commercial, Emmons thought of DesRochers’ and Wehmhoefer because he thought that “‘This Town’ could apply to Boston sports teams,” said Emmons.

“I was completely taken aback,” said DesRochers when Emmons approached him about producing a full length music video for “This Town” then cutting it into a thirty second commercial. The piece will feature images of people wearing Roster clothing with “This Town” playing in the background.

DesRochers relayed the news to Wehmhoefer the following morning.

“I remember I had MCAS that morning,” said Wehmhoefer. “I couldn’t focus for the life of me.”

Impressed with DesRochers during his second term internship at Roster headquarters in Holliston, Emmons hired DesRochers to continue his work in marketing after school. As a result, DesRochers will be involved in the process of bringing their song to life.

“I really anticipate the end result,” said DesRochers.

The official date the commercial will air on cable is yet to be determined.

“It depends on all the pieces coming together,” said Emmons, who added that the song might be ready “realistically by the end of June.”

Information on the commercial and its release date will be updated on the Roster Facebook page: www.rosterstores.com.


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