Concert “Art Saves Doug Lack” to be performed on Thursday May 17th at 7pm by students, teachers, and members of the community in the Holliston High School (HHS) auditorium will benefit art teacher Mr. Lack’s kidney transplant.

The Doug Lack concert is open to the public with an entrance fee of $10 that will be donated to the cause.

“Mr. Lack is so loved in this school and community it’s really a no brainer that when somebody in [his] position needs help people usually rally around very nicely,” said Mr. Stuart Britton, chorus teacher and the main organizer of the event.

Performers in the concert include not only high school students such as Meg Lacy and Grace Ballenger who will be doing a piano piece, but other members of the community such as Chief Cassidy who will be singing a number.

Other performances include a brass quintet song “when I’m 64” arranged by Mr. Britton and performed by James Redus, Meg Dooley, Daniel Rong, Rachel Harris, and Mr. Britton himself. The male HHS singing group “T-Tones”, led by Mr. Britton, will also possibly sing their arrangement of “Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby.”

Mr. Britton has known Mr. Lack for 8 years since he first came to teach at HHS.

“He’s a great collegue,” Mr. Britton said.

Although this is the first Mr. Lack concert, this is not a new event. In the past there have been benefit concerts for other worthy causes such as a Relay for Life concert arranged by Carly Leonard.

“We have a number of students who are going to be doing a variety of things,” said Mr. Britton.

Lacy, a senior at HHS, has taken numerous art courses over the years. Most recently she has taken “Advanced Portfolio” with Mr. Lack. She too will sing in the concert.

“Most of what I’ve learned in art is from him,” said Lacy.

Other student performers such as HHS senior Andrew Mades find the concert to be a good opportunity to practice performing techniques.

As a student conductor and senior in the band Mades believes novices in music can use this opportunity to “get them used to performing.”

“It’s bringing together a lot of people who really care about him and will be raising a lot of money,” Mr. Britton said. “Mr. Lack has been a candle for so many lives and now he needs a candle himself.”


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