On March 16th, 2012, a professional day and day off for students, two sophomore advisory classes came together and spent their day more charitably than most.

The advisories of Ms. Dlugolecki and Ms. Finnegan decided to host a charity dodge-ball tournament at the High School, to raise money to help finish building the new Miller Elementary School playground. The group raised a total of $2,256.

Dionna Deluca, a volunteer at the event, said “the day was a total success and everyone who was there had such a great time, especially the younger ones, they had such a good time…. A lot of the parents there couldn’t stop complimenting us on how amazing the tournament was.”

The competition started at nine in the morning and continued throughout the day, as different age groups competed. Snacks and beverages could also be purchased throughout the day, and all the profits went to the project as well.

“There were about 23 elementary school teams, 11 middle school teams, and 6 high school teams participating, and there was 6 to 8 people per team,” said Dan Driscoll, who not only volunteered, but also put together the brackets for the occasion.

“The kids did an excellent job pulling it together and making sure all of the participants enjoyed themselves,” Ms. Finnegan said.

As of 2012, sophomore advisory classes are required to plan and accomplish a community service project, to ultimately improve the community outreach of Holliston High School.


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