It’s that time again, the forever daunting and exciting prom season.
Despite all of the details leading up to prom, the prom dress takes the top
spot.  The task of selecting your perfect prom dress is always difficult,
especially when there are so many options and you have no idea where to
start. However, there are some major trends this season that can help make
your decision a little bit easier. Overall, the major theme of the 2012
prom season is color – prom does happen during the spring, after all!
The first popular color scheme is jewel tones and bright vibrant hues,
such as violet, eggplant, yellow, tangerine, magenta, sapphire, emerald,
and coral. There is a lively color for every skin tone. Bright colors tend
to enhance  skin tone and can result in a tan or glowing effect (no need
for the artificial beach or tan-in-a-can, ladies). Since it is a spring
affair, these colors will have you thinking warm thoughts. In addition,
jewel tones can pair easily with both silver and gold jewelry, which make
accessorizing easy.
With spring comes Easter, and with Easter comes pastels, another big
trend this prom season. Pastels are soft and create a feminine or
princess-like look. Colors like blush, mint, lilac, nude and any other
subdued colors will help to build a girlish appearance. Lace detailing and
embellishments can also add to this look, coupled with loose romantic hair
and delicate jewelry.
On the other hand, something that isn’t so soft and delicate is the red
trend. The great thing about red is that it comes in a plethora of shades,
from maroon to fire engine red. The range isn’t just in color, it’s in
style too. Red is one of the most classic shades and can reflect
sophistication. Because of its versatility, red can also read cheerful and
light hearted, alluring and confident, or edgy and unique.
Last year, prints became a favorite in prom wear, but this year’s print
is texture, shape and structure. On the red carpet of the 84th annual
Oscar’s, structure and texture were  major themes. Michelle Williams, in
Louis Vuitton, was a perfect mix of both texture and shape. Rooney Mara
went for a simple but intricately designed white gown that became
extraordinary because of its texture and its dramatic back, also a current
prom trend.
Overall, pick something the reflects your personality and that you
genuinely love and feel beautiful in. Hopefully, these trends can give you
a starting point or inspiration to find your perfect dress.


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