Unable to grip the attention of the student body, like football, murmurings of last week’s riveting track meet were rarely heard in the hallways. However, the Holliston track team produces extremely talented athletes that often garner more impressive accolades than their more popular peers. Among this year’s crop of talented athletes finishing up their track season, not too many are more dedicated or successful than Andrew “Jimmy” Krauss.

As a senior captain, he not only led his team to a winning 5-3 season in
the competitive tri-valley league, but also in points earned. He dominated his primary event, hurdles, going undefeated in the TVL while mentoring the young group of hurdlers in the absence of a specialized hurdles coach. Possibly more amazing is Krauss’ success in the high jump, an event he had never attempted before this season. When Coach Mike Kelly saw a hole in his line-up, he decided to try out Krauss at the high jump event, hoping that he could transfer his hurdling ability to a completely new event. Luckily for Coach Kelly, Krauss excelled at the high jump, placing at every meet and finishing with a personal record of five feet ten inches. The crowning achievement of Krauss’ season, and possibly his career, was breaking the league record in the 55m hurdles. Jimmy’s coach loves to tell the story of that day. “He came up to me and said ‘I’m going to break it today.’ He just knew that all the work he had done came down to that day.” That day was the coach’s invitational, and Krauss was facing tough competition from around the state. Even with his record-breaking performance of 7.93 seconds, Krauss still only earned a silver medal and wasn’t done yet. He would break or match his record three times by the end of the season, finally setting the record at an astounding 7.82 seconds. Jimmy was a key factor in the track team’s success this year, both by dominating in his specific events and acting as a leader for the rest of the team. Krauss acted as a role model for many younger hurdlers and other members of the track team that looked up to him. Jimmy often led by example, always staying focused and never getting discouraged when the team fell behind in a meet.

Jimmy was  everything Coach Kelly could’ve asked for in a captain:
determined to improve, motivated to succeed, and focused on every step.


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