In a school so full of extracurricular activities, it is impossible to be a part of every single club. Each activity brings with it a time commitment, and compounded with school work and sports, it seems that there are not enough hours in the day to do what is wanted. There is one afterschool activity, however, in which each and every Holliston High
School student should take part before they graduate: The Drop-In Center.

Every Thursday afternoon, Christine Conlin of Holliston Youth and Family Services omes to the high school, two large bags of snacks in hand. She makes her way to Mrs. Bynoe’s room, where she is greeted by a handful of students, and often Mrs. Bynoe herself. Once the food is spread out on the table, it’s a free-for-all; everyone wants the best snacks, and luckily, there are enough to go around. Once the food supplies are depleted, students often stay to sit around the table and chat. Any given week, the Drop-In Center attracts students of all ages, from
freshmen to seniors. Junior Nikki Wexler says that she enjoys Drop-In because “it brings people from all grades together.” Anyone is able to stop by, if only for a short amount of time, and share stories or talk about any issues they may have in a judgment-free environment. “Drop-In is a lot of fun because Christine is always so nice. She listens to what we have to say, laughs at our jokes and is always very supportive,” says senior Henry Shaw Lively IV.
Drop-In Center is plenty of fun to all in attendance. It brings all types of people together in an open and safe environment, and is enjoyed by everyone. Even the head of Drop-In, Ms. Conlin, has a great time. “Drop-In is the highlight of my week,” she says. “I really like seeing new faces and hearing new ideas.”

If ever there is someone with nothing to do on a Thursday afternoon, the Drop-In Center is open until 2:45. If nothing else, there are free snacks and fun times.


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