Flowfection: the art of perfecting Lax Bro (Lacrosse player) hair. It must not be too long, or too short. The flow should have wave, the more the better. The lettuce (hair that sticks out of the lacrosse helmet) should be long. And it must be conditioned and maintained regularly. To contain the hair, there is a hat: backwards, fitted, brightly colored, and possibly Polo. To match the hat, there is a Lax pennie, a polo (or two), again in vibrant hues. Shorts are plaid, madras, or board and must be nice. Acceptable footwear: Sperrys, Rainbow sands (sandals), or sneakers with black socks; the more neon colors the better. To finish the look, a Lax Bro dons some Oakley or Ray ban sunglasses, hemp bracelets or necklaces and grabs a lacrosse stick.

The Lax Bros even have their own lingo. Words like word, bro, gnarly, stoked, flow, son and others are commonly heard in bro sessions and are often yelled across fields to determine the location of fellow bros. Lax Bros often abbreviate any word past one syllable- session is sesh, playing lacrosse is laxin, brothers are bros, etc.

The lone Lax Bro is a rare sight. They almost exclusively travel in packs, because if everyone is doing it, then they do not look strange wearing brightly hued clothes. The Lax Bro has an attitude- super chill to the point of arrogance, for which they have a reputation.

So who are these peculiar sports aficionados? According to Urban Dictionary, they are generally fromMarylandorNew England, love lacrosse, like boating, laxing, drinking, girls and partying. Generally, they are wealthy, Caucasian, preppy and exclusive. For those that are unaware, a lax sesh is when a group of bros get together and play lacrosse, drink beer, and listen to Dave Matthews, O.A.R, or Dispatch.

Brantford Winstonworth’s “Ultimate Lax Bro” video on Youtube has received over 1 million views. Although technically satirical, it accurately describes and illuminates the Lax Bro lifestyle, if a little exaggerated.

The appeal of this lifestyle is widespread. First there was “National Dress like a Lax Bro” day. And after that day passed, lacrosse players all over New England decided to abandon their old ways and adopt this brightly colored and chill way of life full time.

As lacrosse has gained popularity as a sport, the lifestyle that accompanies it has also infiltrated our regular lives. During lacrosse season, it is rare to go a day in school without seeing a wavy haired lax bro in a neon pink pinnie. Next season, the Lax Bros will come out again in full force. Do not be afraid of missing them, they will make sure that they are noticed and acknowledged.


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