In these past few months, sophomore advisories have gotten together to work
out ideas for Community Service projects. An assembly was held for all
advisories on different types of projects that are available within our
community. After the assembly, advisories got together to brainstorm ideas.
A few weeks ago, all the sophomore advisories gathered in the cafeteria and
sent a few representatives from each advisory up in front of the grade to
explain their project.
Sophomore Olivia Naya, who is in Ms. O’Brien’s advisory (named
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia), explains her advisory’s project.
“We’re fundraising for the Aka Project in Ghana and we are going to be
selling bracelets made by Ghanaian women and possibly baked goods. We are
also going to put up posters.”
Naya explained that, “Ms. O’Brien’s former student emailed her and asked if
she could help out with donating some stuff. Then Ms. O’Brien asked us if
we wanted to help out her student. Finally her student came in and talked
to us about the project and we were really excited about it.”
Naya also stated that this community project would encourage her to
participate in more projects because it will “motivate me to get more
involved in volunteer activities in my community when I go to college.”
Community Service projects range from helping out with the senior citizens,
to planning a field day with elementary school children, to collecting
goods and packaging them for soldiers.
Sophomore Erin Clancy describes what Ms. Bowker’s advisory (named the
B.C.’s) plans to do for their community service project: “We are making
gift bags for people and children in hospitals with paper flowers and
activities for them to do.” She explained that her advisory chose to do
this because “we feel that people need some stuff to do to keep their minds
busy and happy. We want to brighten their day. We are planning to set up a
blog that they can look at and still keep in touch.”
The sophomore advisory projects will continue throughout the year.


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