by Henry Lively
Another exciting homecoming is in the books at Holliston High School! Ecstatic students danced all night at the “best homecoming ever” according to senior Alex Trotin.
The night began with a big win by the football team. Defeating Millis-Hopedale 35-13, the Panthers were lead by senior Running Back Jake Frechette, who broke the schools record for most yards from scrimmage. That wasn’t the only award he took home that night, as he later won the Best Looking superlative with Amelia Deering.
After the game, students piled into the Cafeteria. After a bit of dancing, the senior superlatives were announced. All the seniors eagerly awaited the results. “It was fun to see who got what for superlatives,” said Ben Hart, winner of Best to Bring Home along with Ashley Higgins. Other winners included Ross Camiel and Ashley Higgins for Homecoming King and Queen. Cam Chisholm, Jake Frechette, Dan Barone, Marshall Cohen, Emmy Jones, MaryAlice McKenna, Caroline Clancy and Michelle Schefter rounded out the court.
“I had such a fun night tonight. This was the perfect homecoming for my senior year. I was really happy I won Class Bromance with Henry, because we are really good bros,” said Chisholm. He also won Most Spirited with Eliza Dodge.
Kirstie Deprey, winner of both Best Smile and Best Personality, also contributed positive feedback. “I’m so happy that all my friends and I had a great time. Times like these I’ll always look back fondly on when I’m older.”
Not everyone will remember this year as fondly. Some adults were not pleased with the dancing. One unnamed teacher said it looked as if everyone was having sex on the dance floor. Numerous others also spoke up against the practice of “erasing.”
“If it were not for one thin piece of denim, the town of Holliston would have repopulated,” said a teacher who asked to remain anonymous. These complaints and others have led to rumors that next year’s homecoming will be significantly less sexy.
However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this year’s homecoming was awesome. Hopefully everybody had a great time!


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