Darcee Perejda

                                                                                                              Many students, parents and teachers gathered

Photograph courtesy of Madalyn Walker

at Holliston High School on Thursday, May 12th to attend Art Saves Lives.

“I was involved last year and this year, and all I can say is it gets crazy as time runs out but somehow we always manage it,” said senior Dave Connors.

Preparation starts months in advance. Students need to get pieces ready to hang in the show. Teachers need to get all the set ups ready. The parents of some students do anything they can to help out. The National Honor Society even sells baked goods to raise money so the school can continue with the show year after year.

Although the preparation goes on for at least a month, the last week is by far the most hectic.

“There are lots of parts and things to coordinate,” said art teacher Mr. Doug Lack.

Mr. Lack noted that while the process may be stressful, it is exciting as well.

Over the years, music has become a bigger part of the show. Special education teacher Mr. Doug Calais focuses mainly on getting people to sign up to perform, as well as setting up their stages.

In previous years, there have only been one or two stages with two bands rocking for four hours. This year, he decided to change it up.

“There will be magic musical carpets spread out down the hall just like street performers,” said Mr. Calais.

With this set up, he hoped to have three or four people or bands playing at the same time but in different areas.

“It was great, my stage wasn’t too close to any other performers so I could do my own thing,” said freshman Anna Micelotti.

Mr. Calais said there was a “healthy mix” of genres of music. He also added there were a lot of Taylor Swift songs but other than that, the main genre was classic rock.

Other areas of the Art Saves Lives have changed as well. For instance, Mr. Lack added that in the past few years, the students from the middle school and the elementary school have submitted their art.

Mr. Lack, Mr. Calais, Lixfield, Connors and Micelotti all agree that the best part of the show is getting to see everyone’s art hanging up and seeing all the talent students possess.

“It gives people who don’t have a lot, a place to express themselves,” said Lixfield.

“It’s just a great celebration for seniors after four years of learning,” said Mr. Lack.

Seniors get the main lobby to hang up all their artwork while underclassmen reserve wall space for theirs.

“It’s a very important event for the school and community and I hope the community continues to support it,” said Mr. Lack.


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