Photograph courtesy of Madlyn Walker

Beth Hobbs, news correspondent

 Eighty chorus and band students performed in Disney World with Magic Music Days by Destination Disney over April vacation.

 The students spent four days traveling by train, part of one day performing, part of one day in a workshop and the rest of the time in the parks.

 “Overall, I was very happy with the trip,” said Mr. Stuart Britton, the chorus director. “I think it went extremely well.”

 Mr. Britton said that he especially liked the chorus’ workshop clinician, Jenny. She was professional and got a lot out of the students, but was easy to talk to and work with.

 When asked how the performance went Mr. Lordan, the band director, said that it went “well considering we were short on percussionists.”

 The trip was still considered very successful by all. Mr. Lordan said he loved seeing three of his seniors, David Joslin, Katie Emerson and Michael Sabounjian conduct the band.

 Each student going had to pay the $1100 fee that could be lowered by various fundraisers. The fundraisers comprised of a bake sale and citrus sale in the fall and pizza dough sale in the winter. Most students participated in at least one of these.

Mr. Britton said that the only thing that would have made the trip better was “better sleeping on the train maybe.”

 About the train, junior Meg Lacey said, “It was very long, but you were with friends so that helped.”

 The train was not widely enjoyed by the students or the chaperones, but Mr. Britton said that flying was not an option. The cheapest flight available was $520.00, and would have brought up the price significantly.

 Holliston went for a performance opportunity to showcase the ensembles on the stage with the educational benefits (the workshops), along with more teambuilding time.

 “Right after we finished performing, I looked up at the students’ faces and smiled. We just performed in Disney World!” said Mr. Britton. “It was great.”

 Lacey also said that she was glad she went because “I’ve never been before and the experience of singing there will be with me forever.”


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