Jill Barry


Senior Erika Earley, 17, and senior Andy Mysliwiec, 18, received academic scholarships to the colleges which they are attending in the fall of 2011. 


Accepted into nine out of the eleven schools she applied to and wait-listed at one, Earley received some kind of financial aid from nine of her options. Her final decision between Smith College and McGill University was made easy when she received three different merit scholarships from Smith.


“I liked both schools, but with Smith the financial help fell into place nicely,” said Earley. Unlike other colleges and universities, she did not have to apply for the individual scholarships, but rather the schools supplied her with the financial aid.


When asked what she believed helped her receive her federal aid, work study merit, and grants from Smith college in Northampton, Earley said, “It’s hard to say, it’s been a tough year.”


 “I like standardized testing, I think it’s a personal strength of mine, but I do think it’s unfair how much weight is put on students in the application process,” said Earley.


Earley claimed that her parents were a huge help in dealing with the financial processes.


Jo Mysliwiec showed similar feelings regarding her son Andy’s application process.


“Absolutely, I don’t think it could be done without parental help,” Mysliwiec said after asked if she was a major factor in helping with the application processes. 


Planning to attend Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mysliwiec, too, received merit scholarships to this school and others to which he applied.


Mysliwiec got into all eight of the schools to which he applied, receiving scholarships from five of them and financial aid from four. 


“I stay well rounded academically, I had an SAT score that matched up with my grades, and I believe I had a generally good college essay to offer up,” said Mysliwiec, discussing his reason for the scholarships. 


When asked whether the financial aid was a big factor in choosing his school, Andy’s mother said, “No. It was definitely going to be the school that he liked the most and saw himself at. His comfort was the most important to us.” 


And Mysliwiec did find himself most comfortable at Duquesne, one of his favorite aspects of the college was the college ministry.


“I’ve spent large parts of my life with the church as I’ve grown up and I want to continue with that in college,” said Mysliwiec. 


Jo seemed very proud of her son, and noted, “If he’s happy, I’m happy.”


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