Tayler Nunes

            Saturday school. Sounds like the worst punishment for a high school student, right? Maybe so, but it could also be the most effective.

            This new form of punishment was created for the 2010-2011 school year as a better way to discipline students and will definitely be kept for next year.

            Is it effective? “Yes,” Mr. Bender said, adding that “it’s a very good alternative to suspension.”

            “I never want to take kids out of school or miss classes,” said Ms. Adams. “It’s a way to assign consequences without impacting classes.” Saturday school is used instead of suspension in a lot of cases at the school now so that students won’t miss class.

            “Suspension allows people to stay home and not be productive and is an added burden on families. Saturday school provides consequences in a controlled environment,” said Mr. Bender.

            Priscila Lezama, who was given a Saturday school after leaving campus, said, “I think the Saturday school was a fair punishment for what I did. It was an incentive to not repeat my actions.”

            When asked if she thought that it was a fair punishment for the wide variety of acts punishable with Saturday school, Lezama said, “No, I don’t think it’s fair for someone who was tardy for school to have the same punishment as someone, like me, who had left school grounds.”

            When asked the same question, Mr. Bender said, “The school is limited in concequences. We only have detentions, Saturday school, or suspension. So, there aren’t a lot of options for punishment.”

            This new punishment saves money for the school. Last year two teachers had to be paid to supervise office detentions. This year, there is one supervisor for office detentions and one for Saturday school, which is less expensive.

            Parents, for the most part, have enforced Saturday school. Mr. Bender said, “They prefer Saturday school over suspension. Parents always want students in school.”


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