Photograph courtesy of Madlyn Walker

Kathryn Couseillant

                       Prom season is upon us, and the female population of HHS is eagerly anticipating the big events, and more importantly, the shopping. Everyone wants to find her perfect dress and look amazing. This year, major trends include: neutral tones, bold prints, eye- catching embellishments, and unique textures.
            Soft tones such as pastels, nudes, and shades of white are really popular this season. Prom season lasts from April through May, so pastels are staples during these flower-filled months. Also, a tan compliments lighter toned dresses and makes you look like you just came back from a tropical destination, even if you’ve been stuck in Holliston.
            Bold prints are also popular for prom this year. If you want to stray away from a solid color, try a wild print like leopard, or a sweet, feminine floral print. Watercolor prints are equally trendy this season and offer a softer, more natural look.
            Embellishments are fun additions to any type of prom dress. Crystal embellishment or beading around the waist creates the allusion of an hourglass figure. Any type of embellishment adds sparkle and intricacy to an otherwise simple design.
            Lastly, the more adventurous prom attendee could consider a textured dress. Ruffles, pleating, beading, sequins and feathers all make dramatic statements. Any kind of texture is a fun and fashion – forward look for prom. Unique textures can display your personal style and set you apart from the crowd.
            The most important tip for choosing a prom dress is to pick something you like. If you don’t now what you like, look to the red carpet and print out pictures to take shopping. To avoid getting the same dress as someone else, shop online or at a small boutique that isn’t as well known as department stores. And when it comes to accessories, hair, and makeup, keep it simple to look effortlessly chic.


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