Rachel Pollinger–Staff Writer

While the word drip was repeated numerous times throughout Holliston High’s Drama Festival submission, the most significant time it was spoken was not by the cast during the performance, but rather by a judge at the preliminary awards ceremony. Holliston High School moved on to the semi-finals for the first time in six years.

It took a moment for the word “Drip” to fully sink in, but when it did, everyone was extremely emotional and a few students even began crying.

“I was just completely overwhelmed with emotion, and none of us were expecting it,” said Junior Jinny Pollinger.

Out of seven competitive high schools at their site, HHS was one of three chosen to advance to the semi-finals. On Saturday March 19, they performed with five other schools at their site, vying for two of the 15 spots in the finals to be held in April. They were not one of the two schools selected to move on.

But let’s rewind a bit. This whole process began in December when 21 HHS students sat down to write a 40-minute play. Writing is by no means required, but has been a tradition at Holliston. In fact, Holliston had the only student-written play at its preliminary site. Although admirable, it gives them no advantage. The judges base their scoring on execution and not story or content.

In a way, this placed Holliston at somewhat of a disadvantage seeing as most of the rehearsal time was spent writing the play rather than staging and rehearsing it. The show was not cast until about two weeks before the competition, leaving the cast with little time to prepare. So, why waste time writing instead of choosing an already existing play?

Senior Hannah Fried-Tanzer said that writing the play is such a major part of the experience. The play comes first and then whatever time is left over is used for blocking. The fact that we were able to execute it in performance and move on was just incredible.

Pollinger added, it means a lot because it’s like our creation and no one else knows this play as well as we do. No one else has done this play.

Looking ahead to the semi-finals, the cast was more excited about another enjoyable day than another award.

“I mean we were confident and everything, but we were more there just to have fun and show off our play and for the experience, I’d say,” said Pollinger.

When asked to sum up her Globefest experience, Pollinger didn’t know where to start. “That’s like asking me how I like breathing so much. It’s just like a family and it’s just so fun.”


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