Nicole Chaput – Staff Writer

Nicholas Linn, currently a senior at Holliston High School, will not be leaving for college in September. Unlike the majority of his classmates, Linn is headed to the military base Paris Island in South Carolina.

Nick Linn

Photo Courtesy of Madalyn Walker

Nick enlisted in the Marines. He chose an alternative path that many of his peers at Holliston High would never consider when planning what to do after high school. Not only has Nick chosen this path to give back to our country and keep its citizens safe, but also to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather.

Nick feels that enlisting in the Marines will allow him to become a part of something “greater than himself.” He is scheduled to leave Holliston for Paris Island in mid – August and will endure tough daily physical training, take intensive history classes and participate in martial arts.

Nick has not put much thought into the future, but plans on remaining in the military for about twenty years.

He is looking forward to becoming a better citizen and becoming more self-reliant, but does not rule out any possibilities for life after the military.

Nick’s brave and unique choice shows the students at HHS that the typical college experience is not every student’s path.


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